Caballero Wear is now ALBRIANI

We changed our name to ALBRIANI!

 In an effort to practice vulnerability and transparency, I wanted to share with you why we did it. Amazing things happen when you don’t BS and speak the truth. Also I’d love to share why we’re excited about it (and why you should be too.)

/* The truth might hurt people's feelings, it may make them angry, sad, mad, happy, some might not even care, but what I’m learning is that the truth is not about others, the truth is about mental freedom and connection.

All of the sudden “The truth sets you free” makes so much sense to me now. Any time I connected with people on a deeper level, it happened when I was being the most vulnerable, something that is not easy for me to be. */


The events & thoughts;

  1. The Sign: After a long and arduous process our Trademark was denied. Although we could challenge it and have our trademark for footwear, we didn’t want that to hold us back from creating past shoes. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason. This was my sign.

  2. Moved, touched & Inspired: I recently learned about Virgil Abloh and if you are into design and creating, you should know him too. I wish I knew about him sooner. I found a video where he said  “The best piece of advice I have is being able to love something and throw it in the trash.” - Virgil Abloh. That was my green light.
    Video link: Time stamp - 29:04

  3. Mission Changed: We started the mission to help men become the best version of themselves. We use Caballero (gentleman in Spanish) as our ethos. Currently, our customers are not only men. We have diverse customers from all walks of life. We welcome everyone who wants to connect with us.

  4. Sky's the limit: We are growing and so are our offerings. Not just shoes. We have some awesome things in the pipeline. More to come.

  5. It’s bigger than shoes. Our mission is to help the world feel & look good.

  6. Friction: Caballero is a Spanish word and for most people it is not easy to pronounce, at the end of the day we are a business and if our customers are having trouble saying our name, we are putting unnecessary friction to our mission.

  7. A blank canvas: Caballero is a word with meaning and we wanted to choose a word that was a blank canvas that will allow us to continue to create.

Our new name is ALBRIAИI. A word that is a blank canvas, the best gift you can give an artist. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. Without you, the dream is just an illusion.

- Alejandro Rodriguez CEO & co-founder of ALBRIAИI.